He’s finally here

So this is going to be a short post because I really just wanted to share the news that our baby boy is here! It’s also because I have no energy or sanity to write more – everything I have is currently dealing with a newborn. Enough said. 

Born on 20 January weighing 81lb 12 (more on that in due course) I am delighted to introduce Finley (Finn). 

Back soon folks! 

Overdue but excited!

It’s official – this baby is showing no signs of coming and at 41 weeks and 3 days it is fair to say that I have had my moments of grumpiness about it. It’s a funny thing really – we didn’t want him to appear at Christmas, but then as soon as Christmas was done it would have been great for him to be here! Even the children have made multiple comments about how long I’ve been pregnant. The fact that I’m measuring a little big hasn’t helped and with me measuring 46cm at my last midwife appointment it’s fair to say I am slightly suprised that I can still stand up…

bump overdue

The Christmas fortnight, aside from being generally fantastic, was also interesting on the baby front with a fair bit of excitement. First because I was measuring big but wanted the option of a water birth I was sent for a scan at the hospital. The scan showed that baby boy was big but not abnormally so and all was fine except….he’d gone from head down and well engaged to breach. (Isn’t there a saying about you solve one problem, then find another?!)

Two days later, with my labour bag in toe, we were in hospital where the consultant performed an external cephalic version (ECV) to turn the baby. Baby turned head down without any problem and after a little monitoring to check all was well we went home. Following all that excitement we’ve then had … nothing … nada …. no change …. no signs …literally nothing. As the Christmas period came to an end I was feeling quite deflated and, if I’m honest, dreading going back to the school run. When it came though it was actually quite nice to be back to our routine (bizarre but true!).

Now we have a date set for me to be induced and so the excitement is building once again! It’s not my ideal scenario but at least I know the latest day things will get started. Having been induced when Ellie was born it’s familiar territory and whilst there is still time for him to make his own appearance, I feel like we know where we are.

Ellie’s very own birth plan (she takes after her mum!) stating what she will do and where she will go when the baby comes is still ready by the door, as is my birth plan (and hospital bags) but now we have also precision planned what happens if I do go in on the induction date. It feels a bit like the calm, organised bit before the storm aka a baby – but hopefully that’s just my warped sense of humour!

So that’s all folks for now – but hopefully we’ll have some very special news for you soon!

Easy to make Christmas chocolate surprises!

I don’t post ‘how to do things’ very often, but these were really easy, cheap and fun to make – plus Ellie was so chuffed with her work, that I couldn’t resist sharing.

Spoiler Alert!!!– if this is family looking at this please either don’t look or look surprised when Ellie presents these to you at our Christmas family party!

What do you need?
We made 18 Christmas shaped chocolates but obviously the amount of ingredients you need depends on how many you want to make as well as the size of your chocolates and how much you want to pack into them.

Chocolate – we used 9 packets of Aldi essentials milk chocolate. A total of 900g.
Things to put in the chocolates – we used Maltesers, Smarties, jelly beans, mini stars and marshmallows.
A mould for the shapes – we bought a silicone Christmas mould from B&M bargains (£1.99)
A bowl and pan (or microwave) to melt the chocolate
Spoons – at least 3!


How to make your chocolates

1. Melt the chocolate. You can do this using a bowl over some hot water, or in the microwave. Hint: melt the chocolate a bit at a time rather than all at once – this means you can take your time to create your chocolates without feeling rushed. We also re-used our mould so actually did this in three separate batches.


2. Pour the chocolate into the mould and add your sweetie treats. It’s easier to fill the mould half way at first, add your treats, then fill to the top (or however thick you want it). Ellie did choose to put some sweeties right at the bottom and some right at the top a couple of times because she thought it looked nice.

3. Place your chocolates in the fridge to harden.


4. After half an hour or so check the chocolates to see if they are firm enough to come out of the mould. You can now re-use the mould for your next batch. Using a silicone mould made it easy to get the shapes out but you can use anything heatproof if you didn’t want to buy the mould. A non stick fairy cake tray would work – if the chocolates don’t come out easily it can be heated a little at the bottom (with a grown up’s help) to ease them out.


5. This step is completely optional but Ellie wanted to present her chocolates to family as a present for Christmas so we put them in little bags and she added home made labels with her current favourite – curly writing.


It’s that simple – no hassle and hardly any mess – my kind of craft. With a week before Christmas and school holidays about to start why not give it a go!

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