One of those moments…

Today was Ellie’s 6th birthday party. She had a joint party with one of her friends from school at a local indoor play place, and really enjoyed it. They had great fun running around, eating party food and wearing themselves out.

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Unfortunately, despite the fact it went so well, I find myself sat here at 9.30pm still mulling over something that happened, to the point where my other half finally turned to me and told me to ‘blog it out honey’!

So for my sanity and hopefully your amusement – here’s what’s bothering me.

Start by picturing the scene…the first few children arrive for the party…the two girls greet them and put the presents their given in piles on the tables…they quickly run off to play.

A minute or two later Ellie re-appears and as she runs near she suddenly shouts aloud ‘are there any more presents yet?!’

Alongside dying slightly inside, I managed to say something about that not being a nice thing to say and can she not say that again. I’m not quite sure what I said to be honest, as it passed in a blur of embarrassment and horror. But I made the point as best I could and she ran off to avoid any further discussion.

Now I know that for children, birthdays are inevitably about presents so I’m not angry that she thought it, I’m just gutted that she said it! Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve been embarrassed by my daughter and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’m also 99.9% sure that she isn’t the only child in the world who’s ever said something similar so I’m hoping that by ‘blogging it out’ as my other half says, I’ll manage to stop feeling quite so annoyed.

It’s a mummy hibernation

It’s fair to say that this post is well and truly overdue. I try to post at least every other week and I have just lately – well – dismally failed! The obvious excuse is to say that life has got in the way. But I think that would be a bit of a cop out, after all life is always busy. It doesn’t normally stop me.

So I’ve been trying to work it out. Is it because nothing worthy of writing a post has happened? Nope there’s been plenty that I could post about: birthday party planning, crisis about the parties Ellie’s missing because her Dad and I are separated, parents evening and so on!

Have I got writers block? Nope, I haven’t even tried to sit and write.

Ive also realised that it isn’t just blogging that I haven’t done, lots of things seem to be behind or not done at all – regular time on my forever living business, organising weekends and events, cooking different meals and so on.

So finally, after much contemplation I’ve decided what it is…it’s me…..I’m having what I will herein term a mummy hibernation.


It goes like this:

1. Doing what’s required (but not really any more)
2. Taking every opportunity to put my pjs on and collapse on the sofa or bed
3. Eating far too much chocolate (and oranges)

Now historically I would have given myself a hard time about not getting on with things and achieving what needs to be achieved but here’s the thing…….my mini hibernation has allowed me to do some very important things:

  • Spend time relaxing with my family
  • Notice the fact that spring is starting and enjoy that feeling of anticipation
  • Snuggle with Ellie … a lot

  • These are great things and it isn’t like I’m not functioning – I’m still delivering at work, feeding the family, cleaning the house (sometimes) and so on. I’m just working a little below my normal 100% and I think that’s ok. I’m going to give myself a break and the thing is, hibernation is temporary, so I know I’ll be back.

    In the meantime – forgive me for my gap in posting, but I promise I will post again soon.


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    Still learning – things that move, things that disappear and time in the loo!

    It turns out that as Ellie approaches 6 I am still constantly discovering new things about being Ellie’s Mum. There’s no doubt that the learning curve nowadays is considerably less steep than when Ellie was a baby, but occasionally I do have weeks that are quite simply full of new and surprising things to get my head around. The last couple of weeks have been a good example and, as you’d expect, I thought I’d share.

    Before I get cracking apologies for the lack of a photo this week but I simply couldn’t figure what picture wouldn’t put everyone off, you’ll see what I mean…

    1. nits, nits and more nits
    So I knew that children at school commonly got nits, but I did not realise that I would be getting letters home with such furious frequency. Nits – or more specifically the nit check – has become a part of our daily routine.

    Now we’ve been really lucky so far and in writing this I truly hope I’m not tempting fate – that said, I think my item at number 2, makes up for it.

    2. wriggly, white worms
    Yuk – the moment that you realise that you’re child has worms. Little, white, wriggly threadworms. Naively or not, until a couple of months ago I didn’t even know this was something I would need to think about, and actually a common problem. Then I hear about them and the next thing I know…I see them on Ellie’s bottom. I managed not to squeal, or pull the face I’m pulling as I write this (not attractive, but you can imagine) – but I promptly became somewhat paranoid about cleaning the house and our personal cleanliness.

    The whole family treated, the house cleaned from top to bottom (several times) and we’ve emerged slightly OCD about washing hands, food and bottoms (not at the same time) but at least now, worm free.

    I should add that I had been concerned about freaking Ellie out so called it an infection for a little while until the moment she refused to take the medicine and I couldn’t hold back and blurted out she’d got worms. Ellie’s answer: ‘I don’t mind worms’. Inevitably we didn’t share that view and I hasten to add she took the medicine ….. and we both survived.

    3. Disappearing shoes
    Label your child’s clothes everyone cries and thy are right. Our labelled clothes have, by and large, served us well but alas as we plough into year one we’ve been beaten.

    Last week Ellie came home in someone else’s shoes. Her’s are the same style as the ones she came home in but a different size and crucially … her’s HAVE HER NAME IN THEM!

    So far the shoes are still AWOL and no classroom searching has made them appear. Case very much open.

    4. You won’t get to the toilet on your own for…..when!
    And my final entry in this post is my amazement and dismay that as Ellie moves towards her sixth birthday I have still not been able to get her to understand that my 2 minutes in the bathroom is my time. Apparently there are always too many important and urgent things for Ellie to tell me.

    I wonder just when this will stop, although if I’m honest I also secretly wonder if I might actually miss her needing me so much.

    Well that’s it for now, but I look forward to continuing my education and sharing it with you in the future. In the meantime, please do share what you’ve learnt recently from your children.

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    There’s just not enough of it!

    So I haven’t posted for a while,
    and that makes me kind of sad.
    But it’s the reason why I haven’t posted,
    that truly makes me mad.

    It’s nothing new or unusual,
    so let me get that in first.
    But hold on just one second,
    that kind of makes it worse.

    The problem of course is quite simple,
    of time there is simply not enough.
    No sooner does a day begin,
    but it disappears in a puff.

    It doesn’t even seem to matter,
    what I’m spending that time on.
    It flies away so quickly,
    that the day has simply gone.

    I’m not a greedy person,
    but I really would like some more time.
    And I wouldn’t fritter it away,
    because I’ve a load of to do’s in line.

    There’s not enough time for cooking and chores,
    nor as you know for writing blogs.
    But most of all there isn’t enough time,
    for family fun, laughter and hugs.

    It batters you with both hands,
    because the problem with time is two-fold.
    On the one hand you can’t get everything done,
    on the other you watch yourself getting old.

    The funny thing about it is,
    That Ellie has noticed it too.
    So now we both comment,
    On how our weekend flew.

    But as I end this poem,
    I simply have to say.
    That sometimes I sneak a win,
    And Ellie and I steal a day…….


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