The mind of a 7 year old

One of the things I love the most about being Ellie’s mum are the insights I get into how her mind works. It often makes me smile, usually makes me laugh and sometimes makes me burst with pride. There’s been a few notable moments recently and I couldn’t resist sharing…

Being good at stuff – a conversation discussing Ellie’s recent art homework
Ellie: Mine won’t be very good.
Me: As long as you try it doesn’t matter. Mummy can’t draw for toffee either.
Ellie: What do you mean?
Me: It’s just a saying but the point is, no one is good at everything.
Ellie: I’m good at most things.
Well she’s confident.

Teacher’s Pet – a conversation early in this term
Me: So Ellie does your new teacher know your name yet.
Ellie: not yet.
Me: Have you been asked to do any jobs yet? (something Ellie is frighteningly fond of doing!!!)
Ellie: No, I’m not teachers pet yet.
Me: Er that’s not what I meant!

How to cuddle
The following instructions were handed to me last week. Upon inquiring whether this meant my cuddling wasn’t up to scratch I was told that it was fine – but she wanted to write it down. Er ok then.

Ellie's cuddle instructions crop

I want to – a chat in the car
Ellie: What does that button do? [pointing at the dashboard]
Me: It’s to defrost the front windscreen. Don’t press it.
Ellie: What happens if I press it
Me: I’ll tell you off and then turn it off.
[Pause during which Ellie stares longingly at the button]
Me: You still want to press it don’t you?
Ellie: Yes.

and finally one of my favourites of late – a picture that Ellie made me. I should add that this is now on the fridge so that when i have my ‘I’m an awful mum’ moments, which are fairly frequent, I can see it.

pic for mummy crop

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Snap happy – an iphoneography competition!

Now it isn’t very often I host competitions on the blog, but regular readers will know that Ellie and I are real fans of snapping pics, including a selfie or two, on my phone. Whilst I do have a camera I actually find the convenience of using my phone means I inevitably use it to capture those crucial moments. I mean it’s always to hand, it’s easy to use and most importantly I can share my pictures with others really quickly! So you can just imagine my excitement when I was approached to run this iphoneography competition on behalf of Three!

So what’s the competition? Well it’s really simple.

In order to celebrate the camera capabilities of the new iphone 6s Three are giving one lucky winner a fantastic mobile photography kit. The kit will include everything you need to create an at-home phoneography studio including: a bubble pod, two mini studio lights, phone stand, mini light box with 4x colour backgrounds and a bag to transport the loot in!

Example Phoneography Studio
An example phoneography studio only.

To enter the competition all you have to do is make sure you follow me on facebook or twitter (or if you’re feeling generous both!). Then simply share your best iphoneography tip in a comment on this post.

The competition closes at noon on Thursday 26th November, after which the entry judged to be the best top tip will be selected as the winner. The winning tip will be selected based on it’s originality and usefulness, as well as the technical and photography knowledge shared.

So there you have it – easy to enter and a fab prize so come on, give it a go! Oh and please do share this competition with your friends too.


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I wish I had more…

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had more than a few moments where I have heard myself say (either in my head or periodically to anyone who is listening) ‘I wish I had more….’. I almost think it’s becoming my catch phrase. Here’s four of my most frequently used ones. I warn you now this does not reflect particularly well on my parenting skills but if nothing else at least I recognise it and that’s surely the first step?!

I wish I had more patience – most notably when Ellie is refusing to take any advice from me because what could I possibly know! I usually of course shout before having this thought.

I wish I had more energy – springs to mind as I sneak upstairs and have a nap while Richard sorts the children out ….. again (can I blame pregnancy?!). I always of course feel really guilty after my nap.

I wish I had more ideas – of what to cook for dinner or how to make dinner less of a battle. The former I note won’t necessarily help the latter.

I wish I had more confidence – that im not going to flail when this baby arrives, yes I’ve done it before but it was almost eight years ago and I was never a natural with the baby stage.

I’m pretty confident I’m not the only parent who has these kinds of thoughts sometimes and I reckon it’s all pretty normal – albeit I wish I was that supermum! Plus, there are of course things to counter balance all of this a little – those potentially less frequent occasions, but nonetheless occasions where I am patient, occasional weeks where I plan and cook each family members favourite meal and of course those moments where I am with our whole family and feel overwhelmingly happy or I look at my little girl, feel utterly proud and realise I can’t have done a bad job so far …


(Apologies for two photo’s but Ellie and I couldn’t agree – I like the first and Ellie wanted to post the second so we posted both!)

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A picture of pregnancy

I couldn’t resist sharing the photo below which was the result of asking my husband to take a picture of me the other day. It’s clear which part of me wasn’t priority!

I should add that I don’t often ask him to take pictures of me, but I needed it for the blog. As it turns out maybe I should ask him more often, if nothing else but because it made me giggle…

On the plus side it’s a great picture to remember what my pregnancy bump was like at 27 weeks. As it turns out this week it’s looking quite big according to the man in the library who asked if I was eating books … the numerous people at school who look shocked when I explain I’m not due until January … and the lady who wanted my car parking space in Sainsbury’s today. Ah well – I do love my bump.