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Random thoughts 31 October 2013

go site I often find that I’ve got lots of little things from the week that I’d like to share, but it doesn’t all fit together in a post.

follow link This week I had an idea and…well I’ve decided to give it a go. Let me therefore introduce what I hope will become my new regular feature: #randomthoughts

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#randomthoughts will be literally just as it says – a collection of my random thoughts from the past week. It might be funny, it might be sentimental, it might just be something I’ve been mulling over – but these random thoughts will, I believe, tell the story of my week and my life. I’m going to try to limit myself to around five thoughts in the hope that will capture the key themes from the week. So without further ado – here are my #randomthoughts this week.

Having children makes you appreciate a long hot bath on your own in an entirely new way. #children

I always plan to sort and organise everything when Ellie is away and never achieve it. There simply isn’t enough time. Is it time that’s the problem, or my to do list? #busy

When I was little I always had lots of ideas of what presents I wanted. Our children just don’t seem to know….I wonder why. #Christmas

Does having a long summer make the change to winter harder or easier? #undecided

Why is this cough still here? #boring

So there it is, my first ever #randomthoughts post! I’d love to know what you think and I would love to know your random thoughts of the week so please share!

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Finding time

Last week I got to spend half a day in a phonics/reading workshop with Ellie in school. I loved it. It was quite simply lovely to spend quality, dedicated time with my girl. It reminded me how much I enjoy just focusing on Ellie and sadly, it reminded me how often I don’t do it. I simply cannot count the number of times I’ve heard myself reply to Ellie’s requests to play with her by saying ‘in a minute Ellie’, then still find myself doing something else a considerable time later.

The thing is that there’s a battle that goes on in my head. On the one hand my head is saying ‘you can’t play, you’ve got to do x, y and z’ and on the other hand my head is saying ‘you don’t play with Ellie often enough – you’re a bad mother’.

Now I know I’m not a bad mother and I’m also fairly confident that I’m not the only parent that does this. This post is then to remind myself how important it is that sometimes I win that battle in my head, to reassure myself that this is all normal; and to celebrate the fact that Ellie and I really do have fun when I take the time:

We love doing arts and crafts together.

flower ellie

We love reading together.

reading together

We love relaxing together, like here watching xfactor!


Sadly, I don’t have a picture of our 30 minutes playing with barbies from the other week – but it was brilliant.

So come on, please share – what are your favorite things to do and what are your top tips for finding the time?