Finding time Last week I got to spend half a day in a phonics/reading workshop with Ellie in school. I loved it. It was quite simply lovely to spend quality, dedicated time with my girl. It reminded me how much I enjoy just focusing on Ellie and sadly, it reminded me how often I don’t do it. I simply cannot count the number of times I’ve heard myself reply to Ellie’s requests to play with her by saying ‘in a minute Ellie’, then still find myself doing something else a considerable time later.

buy Lyrica online cheap The thing is that there’s a battle that goes on in my head. On the one hand my head is saying ‘you can’t play, you’ve got to do x, y and z’ and on the other hand my head is saying ‘you don’t play with Ellie often enough – you’re a bad mother’. Now I know I’m not a bad mother and I’m also fairly confident that I’m not the only parent that does this. This post is then to remind myself how important it is that sometimes I win that battle in my head, to reassure myself that this is all normal; and to celebrate the fact that Ellie and I really do have fun when I take the time:

We love doing arts and crafts together.

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We love reading together.

reading together

We love relaxing together, like here watching xfactor!


Sadly, I don’t have a picture of our 30 minutes playing with barbies from the other week – but it was brilliant.

So come on, please share – what are your favorite things to do and what are your top tips for finding the time?

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