Random thoughts – 8 November 2013

Last week I introduced #randomthoughts. For anyone who missed it, you can see it here but the general idea is that it will be literally just as it says โ€“ a collection of my random thoughts from the past week. It might be funny, it might be sentimental, it might just be something Iโ€™ve been mulling over, but should (if all goes to plan) tell you about me and my week…

Here then are my #randomthoughts this week:


Somehow because I’m a mum and I’m lucky enough to be able to work flexibly, people genuinely seem to think I don’t work. Some things simply don’t move with the times. #frustrating

So it turns out Ellie knows that drunk people stumble. #how?

As I am my mum’s little girl Ellie will always be mine. Hugging her when she comes back from her Dads always takes my breath away. #soppybuttrue

Christmas really seems awfully close and I know I should get organised but somehow I predict it will be a last minute panic #Christmas

Did you know that growing a pumpkin the right shape is harder than you think. #who knew (Couldn’t resist a photo!)

pumpkin crop

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8 thoughts on “Random thoughts – 8 November 2013

    1. Sharon Smyth Post author

      Thanks for reading. I suspect you’ll only find me using #randomthoughts on twitter at the moment but I’m hoping people will think its a good idea!
      No idea how on the pumpkin … Just random! Lol

      1. Tracy miners

        Know exactly what you mean about flexible working ….my husband thinks I do nothing all day …bless him !!!

        Love the pumpkin ….even though its an usual shape ! More importantly what did it taste like ???


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