Random thoughts – 17 November 2013

http://stampinkpaper.com/2015/08/sip-challenge-9-a-sketch/ Welcome to this weeks #randomthoughts – a round up of my week in my top five random thoughts. If you haven’t seen my random thoughts posts before, it only started a couple of weeks ago and you can read more here.

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http://nethermoorcc.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://nethermoorcc.com/wooden-floor-cleaning/ So here are this week’s #randomthoughts:

When your other half is having a full on laughing fit which seems to be a bit like an asthma attack – do you laugh or call 999 #confused

lincocin 500mg You know you’re getting old when all the teachers at school look at least half your age #depressing

It seems to me that the weekend before I start my clean 9 – nine day detox – I have to eat everything and anything I want #excuse

I love Christmas shopping until I’m in an actual shop with a million other people. Somehow it’s never quite as I imagine it’s going to be #backtotheinternet

Sometimes I put off the tidying or cleaning all day and then at bedtime I get a sudden urge to tidy up and find myself frantically rushing around. I wonder why. #itsamystery

Re-reading my random thoughts this week, they really do cover the different aspects of my week and my life. So come on, I’d like to know what you think and I’d love to hear your random thoughts too.

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