Our Family Christmas

http://glaucon.com/buy-viagra-tablets-uk/ This Christmas neither of our children will be with us on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It’s one of those things that happens by virtue of the fact that my partner and I are both separated from our children’s respective other parent. It’s a fact of life and despite people’s initial reaction usually being ‘oh no, I’m so sorry’, please believe me when I say it really is ok. No I’m not putting on a brave face, or telling myself that to make it real – it really is just fine.

can you buy Pregabalin in mexico Our plan for Christmas may be a touch complicated but it includes: time on our own, time with grandparents and aunties and uncles on both sides of the family, and time with just our unique little family of four. That’s not a bad Christmas is it?

cheap beer lyrics Yes I will miss the children on Christmas day, Yes I am praying that the magic and mystery of Father Christmas stays with Ellie for at least one more year, so I can enjoy it with her again. Ultimately though Christmas isn’t about that one day.

For me Christmas is about family time and love and there’s plenty of both of those in our Christmas plans this year. When we celebrate our family Christmas on December 27 it will be about just that.

do you need a prescription for pyridium Of course the most important thing is how the children feel about it, so I’ll let Ellie have the final word:

‘I get to see everyone at Christmas but I can’t see everyone in the same place, because there’s too many. But it’s good, because I get two lots of Christmas and presents!’

So there you go – take it from me and from Ellie, you don’t need to feel sorry for us. Our Christmas is different, but it’s still super special too.

Merry Christmas!

santa and tree

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8 thoughts on “Our Family Christmas

  1. @mummy_blog

    Great post. My parents are divorced and Christmas is always a bit of a logistical nightmare (especially now Husband’s family are in the mix!) but we all have a great time and it doesn’t matter what the day is it is about quality time together x

  2. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    What a great post. I think it is so commonplace these days that things like this happen. I am lucky in the fact that Grace’s father doesn’t quibble about her being with me on Christmas Day – he can’t really, he always hated Christmas when I was with him! Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Sharon Smyth Post author

      Thanks Vicky. It is commonplace these days which why I sometimes do get a little frustrated by some people’s reactions. I guess it’s about what you’re used to.

  3. Jude

    Great positive attitude, you’re right – Christmas isn’t just about one day. All that pressure to have everything perfect and everyone present for 24 hours has been the ruin of many a festive season. Make the most of your day in other ways – sounds like you’ve got it sorted! #pocolo

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