It’s a mummy hibernation Color Edge Profile.pdf It’s fair to say that this post is well and truly overdue. I try to post at least every other week and I have just lately – well – dismally failed! The obvious excuse is to say that life has got in the way. But I think that would be a bit of a cop out, after all life is always busy. It doesn’t normally stop me.

follow site So I’ve been trying to work it out. Is it because nothing worthy of writing a post has happened? Nope there’s been plenty that I could post about: birthday party planning, crisis about the parties Ellie’s missing because her Dad and I are separated, parents evening and so on!

buy Pregabalin cheap Have I got writers block? Nope, I haven’t even tried to sit and write.

Ive also realised that it isn’t just blogging that I haven’t done, lots of things seem to be behind or not done at all – regular time on my forever living business, organising weekends and events, cooking different meals and so on.

So finally, after much contemplation I’ve decided what it is…it’s me…..I’m having what I will herein term a mummy hibernation.


It goes like this:

1. Doing what’s required (but not really any more)
2. Taking every opportunity to put my pjs on and collapse on the sofa or bed
3. Eating far too much chocolate (and oranges)

Now historically I would have given myself a hard time about not getting on with things and achieving what needs to be achieved but here’s the thing…….my mini hibernation has allowed me to do some very important things:

  • Spend time relaxing with my family
  • Notice the fact that spring is starting and enjoy that feeling of anticipation
  • Snuggle with Ellie … a lot

  • These are great things and it isn’t like I’m not functioning – I’m still delivering at work, feeding the family, cleaning the house (sometimes) and so on. I’m just working a little below my normal 100% and I think that’s ok. I’m going to give myself a break and the thing is, hibernation is temporary, so I know I’ll be back.

    In the meantime – forgive me for my gap in posting, but I promise I will post again soon.


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    10 thoughts on “It’s a mummy hibernation

    1. EmmaK

      Me too I’m been hibernating for about three months now. We have had a lot of snow here on East Coast so I haven’t been able to go to the gym because the roads are blocked (well its one excuse anyway why I have grown this large muffin top!). ooh all that talk of chocolate and oranges has given me a craving for a Terry’s chocolate orange. #PoCoLo

    2. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

      I found you through #PoCoLo but I actually think you might even better like a blog I wrote for Word of the Week. It’s about the 10 days I have had alone to recharge my batteries (boys and hubby away skiing). I know I am amazingly lucky to have this break because everyone needs some time to be able to keep going – you just happen to call yours hibernation!

    3. Morgan Prince

      I think it’s really important to take breaks sometimes. Give yourself a deserved break and spend the time with your family. More importantly don’t feel guilty about it! #PoCoLo


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