Monthly Archives: April 2014

Easter holiday fun Whilst the children actually have another week off to spend with their respective other parents, today marks the end of my Easter break as my other half and I go back to work tomorrow.

orlistat without a prescription It’s been a fantastic week – we’ve had time with our extended family, gone on trips including Drayton Manor and Packwood House, been swimming and spent time relaxing at home. IMG_1536

Easter 3 edit

I have genuinely enjoyed every minute of our family time. I know that sounds like an obvious thing to say but here’s the thing….it isn’t a secret that being a parent is hard work, and I don’t hide the fact that I’m not a super mum. I don’t have boundless positive energy even when Ellie is being hard work, I don’t always distract her rather than end up losing my temper, I don’t always want to play ‘mums and dads’ and sometimes, I do just want to be left alone.

This holiday though we had fun, we did stuff and we smiled……lots. I smiled lots.

Easter 1

Don’t get me wrong, we had grumpiness, we had tiredness and we definitely had back-chat but it all felt in perspective. Whether it’s because Ellie is older, because the sun was out, because my other half is great, because I’m more relaxed, or a combination of all of these – this just was a great holiday.