When we’re both tired…


When we’re both tired, Ellie and I
Evenings get fraught, I can not lie.

here Most of the time I can distract and avoid
but when I’m tired I just get really annoyed.

buy Seroquel cheap online I hear myself and my loud booming voice
I feel like I simply have no choice.

Ellie is stroppy and won’t comply
I just wish the hours to bedtime would fly.

Then when her light finally goes out
I always want to cry, scream and shout.

Why didn’t I manage to simply avoid this
why didn’t I stop and just give her a kiss.

I’m not proud of myself and I always feel sad
Why oh why did I handle it so bad?

I feel awful that my little girl has gone to bed
With the memory of me shouting, in her head.

My first saving grace is that this is rare
My second is the fact that Ellie knows I really do care

But what’s quite simply best of all
is sometimes my saving grace is my beautiful little girl

Sometimes she’ll stop and give me the biggest hug
so that all I feel is my heart strings tug.

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