A little dream…bathroom heaven

http://booth-one.com/?p=284 In line with the honesty part of my blog let me be clear from the start here – this post is being specifically written so I can enter a fantastic competition being run by Mumsnet Bloggers Network and Victoria Plumb.

I don’t do this kind of post normally but literally as I type water is coming through my kitchen ceiling – the result of crappy bathroom pipework and an old bathroom. Somehow thinking about my dream bathroom seemed apt (as opposed to depressing). Let’s start by showing you our bathroom as it is literally today:

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I did debate saying that the water coming through the ceiling was the funny aspect of this post but alas, I ain’t finding it funny yet. I will of course do my best to find the humour in due course.

Suffice to say I’d be really grateful if you would forgive this little indulgence of a competition focused post and allow me to dream a little.

As per the competition rules I started by completing the Victoria Plumb Great British Home Quiz and based on my choices it told me that my preferred style was:

Mrs Elegant – Your style is most like Lady Mary or Lord Gillingham from Downton Abbey.

Now I’ve got to put my hands up and say I haven’t ever seen Downton Abbey (I hide my face in shame!) but I get the point and quite frankly this is uber flattering. Actually I don’t rate my sense of style at all but alas from little things are borne monsters so with my new found style confidence, this is how I would describe my dream bathroom…

It is a mix of a luxury hotel and a handmade Kirsty Allsop bathroom. It has a sparkling clean white bathroom suite. It is in fact one that never needs cleaning, but always stays sparkling.

There is roll top bath with the taps in the middle so that there’s plenty of room for two.

The bathroom floor is cleanly tiled (with under floor heating) and the shower is a walk in wet room in the corner.

Colour wise I’d love to go for white and dashes of pink but my other half would move out, so instead I’m going for white and dashes of egg shell blue.

So there you have it – my dream bathroom and my entry to the competition. Thank you for your indulgence and I promise normal service will resume with my next post.

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