Simple birthday success

follow url This week N turned 9. His birthday was actually Monday, but since he was with us on the Saturday evening and Sunday, we decided that Sunday would be his official birthday day with us.

click In advance of the day my other half very sensibly asked him what he’d like to do. His answer (given without hesitation) was … eat sweets, play computer games and go to a fast food place for lunch. We added on presents, party food, birthday cake and that was the plan. Simple, but just what he said he wanted.

And so it was – presents were opened:

N presents July 14

My other half added a birthday banner and some light up balloons (think I may have liked those more than anyone else but seriously – they light up! Take my word for it my photography does not do them justice but they are brilliant!):

dark ballons cut
It was Macdonalds for lunch as selected by N and a day filled with the things he likes eating and doing.

His conclusion on the day was that it was 10 mg Deltasone the best – he even made a point of saying thank you specifically for the day being great.

So my learning from this – sometimes the simplest thing to do is to just ask them what they want and go with it. At age 9 he knows what he likes and…well…it’s his birthday.

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