Four things I learnt on our family holiday

follow link Number 1: Rain doesn’t matter – as long as you’re prepared.
Since I was the only person in the family who went on holiday without a raincoat this is a top tip for me. In my defense I made sure everyone else had theirs and after a quick divert to some shops, I got one too.

The point is that we had a smattering of rain (heavy at points) throughout our holiday but it truly didn’t matter – we had coats and what is best described as a steely determination not to let a little thing like rain affect us. In fact sitting in the hot tub at the place we stayed, whilst it was raining, is one of my highlights from the holiday.


(I can’t explain my daughters socks in the picture – something to do with tucking your trousers in being a sensible thing to do in rain apparently? To be clear – She didn’t get that from me.)

buy modafinil uk mastercard Number 2: Make sure you know what the day trip is.
My husband did a great job of planning activities and visits around the area we were staying – truly some wonderful places including the beautiful Chirk Castle, N’s favourite Crocky trail, the lovely town of Chester and the fantastic Hawkstone Park Follies to name but a few.

One thing we didn’t do though was take any information with us about what each involved so by the time the day came for a visit we couldn’t really remember. The result was that we were on several occasions a little caught out, such as our trip to a VERY hands on farm park during which Ellie was wearing her beautiful, new, long, WHITE dress.


Number 3: Laughing is the best part of the holiday.
Listening to the children in fits of laughter on numerous occasions during the holiday was simply brilliant and I remember on several occasions wishing I could bottle it. On other occasions I was too busy laughing myself to think about it.

One of the most memorable ‘funnies’ of the holiday was courtesy of my step son who when walking out of the Thomas event at the Langollen Steam Railway asked how much we had paid to get in. Having explained it was £44 for our family he suddenly announced in a loud voice that he would call this episode of Thomas the tank engine ‘Thomas and the 44 pound disappointment’. (We actually had a fab day at Langollen with the steam trains, the lovely town and the horse drawn boat but he’s 9, so forgive him not enjoying Thomas the tank engine.)


Number 4: Managing without wifi for a week is horrible.
Combined with no signal on your phone at all – it was truly shocking. I’m aware how pathetic that must sound but trust me, every single member of our family missed having wifi during the holiday and however sad it sounds, it’s something I shall look for in our next break away.

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