I can…because I have children!

go to site Shhhhh don’t tell anyone else, but did you know that being a mum (or Dad) is a licence to be a child again? It is – it really is!

buy Seroquel amex Being a mum officially gives me a genuine reason (aka excuse) to do things that if I didn’t have children, would be frowned upon by anyone watching, or at least cause a raised eyebrow or two!

http://fairtrademusicinternational.org/category/our-work/ This summer I have enjoyed taking full advantage of this opportunity.

I spent a whole afternoon doing jigsaws – yes a whole afternoon. To be honest, Ellie wasn’t that fussed but I had a whale of a time. In the end Ellie flatly refused to do any more jigsaws but didn’t seem to mind if I did one last one.

I’ve eaten more sweets and ice cream than I can ever remember – I mean proper sweeties! I did share them (most of the time) but they were definitely mine.

By far the best thing this summer though was being a kid whilst we’re out in public … giggling about nothing in particular, singing songs with Ellie in the car with the window down and best of all … going on the park!


So come on, do leave a comment about what you’ve done that was like being a kid again recently? If you haven’t, then I challenge you to do it – it feels great and it’s a small window of opportunity – I’m pretty sure there comes a point where our children will decide it’s too embarrassing and we will have to stop. Until then though …

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