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It’s making me scream!!

For the first time in ages, this is a post that I’m writing because I have to. This is my virtual scream – please don’t let that put you off though, there’s some things in here that you really need to know.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that Ellie had got threadworms. That isn’t what made me want to scream though.
It’s actually the second time she’s had them now. Even that though, is not what has made me scream.

What’s really made me scream is the reaction from a very very small number of people. I did what any responsible parent should do – I informed the school and I also told some of my mum friends directly, so they could keep an eye out for their children. I did this because it’s the right thing to do and because your child having threadworms is nothing to be ashamed of.

When you hear the reactions from some people who clearly don’t know anything about threadworms, it was hardly surprising when Ellie came home from school one night this week saying that one child had told everyone ‘not to touch Ellie’s legs because she’s got worms.’ Fortunately the other children were far too sensible to pay any attention and supported my daughter – not least because they know she doesn’t have worms anymore since they were treated immediately almost two weeks ago.

So, for the sake of clarity, if you haven’t come across threadworms yet, here are a few buy cheap Priligy no prescription facts from the NHS direct website:

Fact 1. Threadworms are the most common type of worm infection in the UK, and they are particularly common in young children under the age of 10. [It is estimated that up to 40% of children under 10 years of age may be infected with threadworms at any one time.]

Fact 2. Threadworm infections are most common in young children because they often forget to wash their hands regularly and they often share things like toys with other children.

Fact 3. A threadworm infection is passed from person to person as a result of swallowing threadworm eggs. Crucially though, eggs can survive for up to 3 weeks on surfaces [i.e. your child might well wash their hands rigorously but if they touch an egg from anywhere and then touch their mouth (sadly under 10’s do that alot!!) then they can catch them.]

Fact 4. If you or your child has a threadworm infection, it is not necessary to stay off work or school.

So just to be clear Threadworm infection is not about being a dirty person. Washing hands is crucial but that does not guarantee anything – it reduces the risk, but can not get rid of it.

So please please please if you hear that a child in your daughter/son’s class has threadworm don’t use words like dirty and don’t over react – be vigilant, remind your child about hand washing and think before you speak.

Rant over.

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Being away from Ellie

I knew when Ellie’s Dad and I divorced that I would have regular times when Ellie is away from me and I knew it would be hard. By and large we’ve always had a regular pattern of every other weekend and some holiday weeks going to Daddy’s and it’s worked pretty smoothly.

To begin with, as I dropped her off, I always had a tear in my eye as I walked away. (Usually walking away as quickly as I could so that Ellie didn’t see.) I always knew she was in good hands and I always knew she’d have fun – but it was still always sad. That said, once I was home and busy it was fine and I can hand on heart say that when she was little those breaks were my single chance to have a little ‘me time’ and rest. Don’t judge me – I missed her of course, but I also truly needed and enjoyed that time.

Fast forward several years and this half term Ellie was once again away with her Dad. This time though, as the week went on, I realised something quite surprising – I really wasn’t coping with her being gone very well at all. I found myself sitting in her room thinking about her, daydreaming about what she might be doing and counting down the days until she was home. I’ve always missed her of course, but as I thought it over I discovered something I really didn’t expect – Ellie being away isn’t getting easier – it’s getting harder. I truly didn’t see that coming.

When I think about it, there is actually some logic in it. For a start, I’m less in need of a ‘break’ these days – partly because she’s older and partly because we’re now part of a bigger, supportive family of four. More than that though, and whilst I’m not suggesting we don’t have our moments, I think the crux of the matter is that time in each other’s company nowadays is just simply brilliant time: we laugh, we cuddle, we play and mostly – we just enjoy it.

I’ve no idea if it getting harder is the ‘norm’, or how I’ll feel as Ellie get’s older and hits new interesting phases (eeek Teenager?!) but right now there’s no getting away from the fact that when my girl comes home I’m simply whole again.

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