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Welcoming in 2015 I’m going to start this, my first post of 2015, by apologising for my lack of posts in the last few weeks. I actually had lots to share about our Christmas plans and preparations, my Christmas stresses and of course our Christmas highlights. Unfortunately my mum became quite ill and was in hospital all over the festivities, so with life more hectic and stressful than normal the post never got written. I’m pleased to say that my mum is home now (recovering well) and despite everything we actually had a great Christmas. This year was especially important to us because our little family of four were together for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – something you can’t take for granted when you’ve joined two families and the children have other parents to see.

buy accutane in mexico So then, I’ve decided that my first post of 2015 will be to share some of the highlights from our Christmas as sign of defiance to life – which has a nasty habit of throwing things at you. Happy New Year everyone – I hope your 2015 doesn’t have any bumps in the road, but if it does – I hope you can step right over them.

(I should probably explain that the first picture is my little Mary from the Christmas nativity!)



Christmas cuddles with new teddy


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