Cute but contrary

buy Lyrica online As her 7th birthday approaches, Ellie is currently going through a new and … er… interesting (aka annoying) phase. It seems to have 2 distinct features although I’m hoping a third is that it will be short lived.

follow site 1. White lies
Ellie has developed a weird habit of telling pointless, small, white lies. Not about anything big and mostly it seems to be about wanting to be better, show off or pretend she knows best.

For example when talking about Mary Seacole, who they were studying at school, we discovered that there is a portrait of her at the national portrait gallery in London. Immediately Ellie told me that she’d been to see it – with her Dad (who lives in London). Now don’t get me wrong they do go to museums often when she’s with him, but I have to ask what are the chances that they went specifically to see a portrait of a woman that until a week before this conversation Ellie had never heard of. You get my point?

The thing is, it’s constant and it’s driving me mad – it’s nothing major so I don’t want to make a huge deal out of it – but essentially it is lying and that’s not ok with me. It’s a dilemma but what I’ve decided is that when I look back now at things that worried me when Ellie was younger I think maybe I should have chilled, so that’s what I’m going to do this time (for now). Well – I’m going to try.

Tastylia Oral Strip without prescription 2. Ellie knows best
The second feature of Ellie’s new phase is that she is always right – literally always. I can’t tell her anything but more than that, no one can, because she knows. I have to add that there are two exceptions to this – Aunties and teachers. To be honest there is little I can say about this except – I suspect teenage years are going to be a challenge.

And so there it is – a quick and effective portrait of the least attractive features of Ellie at almost 7 and a reasonable explanation as to why I have entitled this post ‘cute but contrary’. On the plus side I still get lots of hugs and kisses, she’s doing really well at school, she still enjoys bedtime stories with me and I’m truly incredibly proud of her. I guess that kind of balances it out.


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    1. Sharon Saunders Post author

      Hi Merlinda! Thank you for reading and for your comment – at least by this stage I’m getting (mostly) more relaxed about things! lol One month until she’s 7 – I can’t believe it! #PoCoLo


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