Being 7

source site I’ve decided that being 7 must be quite confusing for Ellie and it’s definitely confusing for me as her mum. Let me explain. At 7 Ellie is old enough to:

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Ask to earn pocket money by doing jobs … but expect to get paid if she stops half way through.

Know best and answer back because she knows best … but still cry if I tell her off.

Bring all her toys and general crap downstairs … but is too tired to take it back up later.

Choose her own clothes and style at the weekend … but need me to help her get dressed when she can’t be bothered on a school morning.

Bath herself without any help … but use half the bottle of conditioner because it ‘feels nice’.

Have her first few adult teeth … but still want me to clean her teeth for her when she can’t be bothered.

Talk about Anne Frank at school … but watch cbeebies over any other tv at home.

Of course, I’m not complaining because at 7 Ellie is still young enough to give me kisses and cuddles, to tell me she loves me every night, to want to snuggle on the sofa with me and to mostly sleep 11 to 12 hour nights.

It’s a confusing age really isn’t it.

Ellie at 7

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