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go to site I haven’t posted for a while – not because I’ve been too busy, or because the children aren’t amusing me constantly – but because I haven’t had any specific inspiration of what was worth sharing. (I like to think that when I post, it’s something worth you reading – delusions of grandeur maybe!) Anyway – What I have had is time to think and enjoy everyday life. How amazing is that!

http://restginhisshadow.com/tag/love/?http://faithfulbloggers.co Seriously – it might sound odd but think about it just for a second. How often do we actually get time to just enjoy daily life?!

can you buy Lyrica online The other day I saw one of those inspirational quotes going round social media. This one really caught my eye. It went something like this:

If you have family that love you, good friends, food on the table and a roof over your head – you’re richer than you think.

It got me thinking – our family aren’t rich in money but we are rich in lots of other ways and the recent steady pace has given me chance to enjoy those things. I didn’t even realise I was specifically doing that, but then I looked back at the pictures I’d snapped over the last few weeks and it’s like a list of things that make me happy. Have a look:

IMG_0452.JPGTea for two with Ellie – she might only dunk her biscuits and leave her tea but we do it together.


I’ve done a fair bit of gardening and I’m chuffed with how it’s coming on. More importantly most mornings and evenings I’ve sat in the garden with a cup of tea enjoying my handiwork. There’s some added pleasure being in my gardening shoes and pjs at the same time. Weird but true.

I’ve spent some time with my parents – something there is no doubt I treasure even more after my mum was really ill in the last year.


I’ve successfully planted up the veg patch and got the green house started. The first radish, lettuce and rocket have been eaten and I’m hopeful for the rest! 

Ok so this is a bit of a cheat as I couldn’t find a photo from the last few weeks with the whole family on, that was good enough to share, but we have had a lot of family time together recently – having fun and laughing. This photo was taken a month or two ago but it does clearly shows what I mean. (Note to self – must improve photography skills!)

So there you go – this is a little reminder to myself to never forget to appreciate every day life. It’s just to easy to let it pass me by.

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2 thoughts on “Time to enjoy life…

  1. @SarahAnneDG

    It’s so true, I know I can get really caught in the clutches of my to-do lists (yes, plural!) and struggle to just sit back and let life wash over me. It’s something I know I’m trying to make an effort to do more, though it’s surprisingly difficult to let things go at times!

    Keep enjoying the little things! #pocolo


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