Pregnancy – the brilliant and….er not so brilliant stuff

follow site So after my recent ‘Little’ news post (see here if you missed it) this post is a summary of the brilliant stuff and the not so brilliant stuff of my pregnancy so far – yes at 16 weeks there’s more than enough to share already.

enter The brilliant stuff! 1. The happy – how can you not enjoy the smiles and happiness that news of someone being pregnant brings. With it actually being me who is pregnant I have really enjoyed sharing the news with friends and family. Happy happy happy news – everyone is smiling.

2. Belly kissing – now whether it will last I don’t know but Ellie has taken to kissing ‘baby’ aka my belly multiple times per day. It’s sweet and lovely (although I’d be grateful if she stopped trying to lift my top up to get to the actual belly when in public).

3. My bump. I think it’s quite big for 16 weeks (see my bump selfie!) but I love it. Turns out I’m one of those pregnant women who finds themselves patting and stroking their belly. What the hell – I’m going to embrace it.

bump at 15 weeks

4. Having to eat ‘little and often’ – particularly in the first 12 weeks (ish) I found that eating in this way made me feel a lot less yukky (more on this later) and even though I’m a grown up I do love this way of eating rather than big meals and big gaps.

The less brilliant stuff!

1. Throwing up – which I did quite a lot in the first few weeks. It’s stopped now and I genuinely found it a reassuring sign that the hormones were doing what they should (weird?) but nonetheless throwing up in the car park of the National Trust house we were visiting was the yukky highlight so far.

2. The worry – I think most people worry during their pregnancy, especially early on, that everything is going to be ok. The thing is I don’t want to spend my pregnancy fretting – assuming all goes well this will be my last ever pregnancy and I want to enjoy it. As such I would be really grateful if people could stop telling me about the many things that can go wrong in pregnancy, or the tragic experiences where ‘people they know‘ have sadly miscarried at ‘about the stage you are now’, or why I shouldn’t buy anything too early. Please can I just enjoy being pregnant – believe me I know the risks and problems but I fully intend to be ‘head in the sand’.

3. Cramp – this wasn’t something I experienced with my last pregnancy so has been quite something to experience. It’s not even about those moments when you suddenly have sharp cramps (usually in the middle of the night) but the fact that you seem to have a slight, achy ongoing cramp for days. It’s off again at the moment, but I am ready with my magnesium spray for the next bout.

I am purposely not looking for a number 4 to add to the list of ‘not so brilliant’ – let this reflect the fact I think being pregnant is fab and the brilliant stuff outways the rest. Oh yes I do!

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