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A baby shower and a big reveal!

So when my friend suggested that perhaps I and another friend who is also pregnant had a joint baby shower I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. I’d obviously heard of baby showers but it wasn’t something I’d ever been to or thought about. Always up for a giggle though we both quickly agreed and last weekend the big event finally took place.

It was really good fun and I thought I’d share a little bit about what we did in case anyone else out there fancies having one too! Here’s a quick run through of what we got up to:

To start with the room was decorated by our host, and we had party snacks laid out for everyone. We also played some fun games including matching the baby pictures to the party guests, ‘melt your cup of ice to get the mini baby out (first one to shout ‘my waters have broken’ wins)’ and my personal favourite ‘guess the chocolate bar’ nappy game (of which I had to include a picture):


There is something quite hilarious about watching a group of mums all sniffing a brown nappy!

Then (because we both knew and were happy to share) we had fantastic baby reveal cakes made by the wonderful Cakes by Sarah. (You can also find Sarah on FaceBook here). And so here’s the big reveal with before and after shots…..

reveal cake before and after

Yes the news is I’m having a boy! (There’s alot I could say about that, but that’s another post!)

I also felt slightly tearful when later in the evening I was asked to shut my eyes and presented with a beautiful gift from everyone. The party was never about that and I really didn’t expect it.

me and my pressie

It’s fair to say that everyone had a great evening and I would definitely recommend it. But the biggest thing that I took away from this whole experience is simply this – how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends. Now I’m really hoping they’ll all be around when the baby arrives and is crying……..

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Summer holiday reflections

So I’ve been totally remiss and not posted for pretty much the entire school holidays! The result is of course that I feel guilty (odd maybe, but true!) and that I have LOADS that I’d like to share! So, I’m promising never to leave it that long again and sharing some thoughts from our summer.

follow 1. The words ‘I’m bored’ fill me with dread.
Now this actually started before the school holidays and the thing is – it’s not just that they say the words, it’s that they say them when they can not possibly be true. For example:

At the school fair before the end of term, with her friends around her and an ice cream in her hand Ellie looked up at me and said ‘I’m bored’.

One Saturday, five minutes before going to a particular computer gaming store to spend some of his birthday vouchers (and not doing any other shopping) Nate sloped into the room and said ‘I’m bored’.

Quite frankly I didn’t know how I would get through the summer holidays without erupting when I heard these words which were ever more commonly used. I can however happily report that we did survive it and the use of those awful words has somewhat abated.

enter 2. At age 7, Ellie has officially perfected the use of crocodile tears.
My daughter’s acting skills are getting better and better and over the holidays there can be no further doubt that her ability to put on and stop the waterworks has been absolutely mastered. The funny thing is during once such episode when I was (unusually) absolutely sure it was false waterworks, I informed Ellie that I knew they were crocodile tears and she simply stopped, said ‘I know’ and then continued without missing a beat. Children are strange but inevitably she did 5 minutes later realise her mistake having been totally ignored and gave up. Sadly it isn’t always that obvious and I have now spent many a moment watching my daughter crying and been completely lost as to whether it is for real.

Tastylia Wholesaler 3. Time is a strange thing
It turns out that a 7 week school holiday (yes seven!!) can totally fly with the exception of the 2 weeks when Ellie is away at her Dad’s when it slows down to a snails pace. In the name of honesty I should add that the 7th week of the holiday was a week too far and there’s no doubt that Ellie was ready to be back at school and I was ready for that too.

4. Afternoon/early evening naps are amazing.
Whilst being pregnant has obviously been what has caused the development of this new habit of mine – it is a habit I would very much like to keep after our fifth family member arrives. What’s the chances?! It also has to be said that it doesn’t matter how you explain it – it is simply not possible to get a child to understand that you are feeling tired because you’re pregnant, not just because you are a) lazy or b) a bad Mum.

5. It doesn’t have to be all days out, does it?!
At the start of the school holidays I told myself that it’s ok that we don’t have big days out all the time over the summer – firstly, the cost is incredible, secondly relaxing and entertaining yourself sometimes is a good skill for children to learn and finally, they will appreciate the days out more when you do them. In practice, the first is true, the second might be true but the latter is definitely not.

So there you have it – my summer holiday reflections. Please let me know what you think and what you’ve learned this summer.

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of one of our favourite days out – one that cost nothing, but was great fun – the day we did some of Birmingham’s The Big Hoot. (Click here to find out more about The Big Hoot.)


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