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I wish I had more…

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had more than a few moments where I have heard myself say (either in my head or periodically to anyone who is listening) ‘I wish I had more….’. I almost think it’s becoming my catch phrase. Here’s four of my most frequently used ones. I warn you now this does not reflect particularly well on my parenting skills but if nothing else at least I recognise it and that’s surely the first step?!

I wish I had more patience – most notably when Ellie is refusing to take any advice from me because what could I possibly know! I usually of course shout before having this thought.

I wish I had more follow link energy – springs to mind as I sneak upstairs and have a nap while Richard sorts the children out ….. again (can I blame pregnancy?!). I always of course feel really guilty after my nap.

I wish I had more go to site ideas – of what to cook for dinner or how to make dinner less of a battle. The former I note won’t necessarily help the latter.

I wish I had more confidence – that im not going to flail when this baby arrives, yes I’ve done it before but it was almost eight years ago and I was never a natural with the baby stage.

I’m pretty confident I’m not the only parent who has these kinds of thoughts sometimes and I reckon it’s all pretty normal – albeit I wish I was that supermum! Plus, there are of course things to counter balance all of this a little – those potentially less frequent occasions, but nonetheless occasions where I am patient, occasional weeks where I plan and cook each family members favourite meal and of course those moments where I am with our whole family and feel overwhelmingly happy or I look at my little girl, feel utterly proud and realise I can’t have done a bad job so far …


(Apologies for two photo’s but Ellie and I couldn’t agree – I like the first and Ellie wanted to post the second so we posted both!)

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A picture of pregnancy

I couldn’t resist sharing the photo below which was the result of asking my husband to take a picture of me the other day. It’s clear which part of me wasn’t priority!

I should add that I don’t often ask him to take pictures of me, but I needed it for the blog. As it turns out maybe I should ask him more often, if nothing else but because it made me giggle…

On the plus side it’s a great picture to remember what my pregnancy bump was like at 27 weeks. As it turns out this week it’s looking quite big according to the man in the library who asked if I was eating books … the numerous people at school who look shocked when I explain I’m not due until January … and the lady who wanted my car parking space in Sainsbury’s today. Ah well – I do love my bump.

Getting ready for our baby

Despite the varying views people have (and often quite forcefully share) on when you should get things ready for your new arrival – not too early so as to tempt fate, not too late so as to feel stressed etc – practical issues like time, cost and energy levels mean that we have been gradually getting things sorted for a while.

The room is decorated, the cot is up, bedding ready and, courtesy of some wonderful family and friends and a few careful purchases, much of my ‘must have’ shopping list items are here.


Having said that, getting those key items is of course just one of the many things that need to be done before our little one arrives so, as I am now only a few days away from my third trimester, I’ve decided it’s time to write a list of what’s left to do. Obviously I couldn’t resist sharing, not least because I’m sure somebody will spot something crucial I’ve forgotten…

  1. Stock up on disposable baby items i.e. nappies, wipes, nappy sacks and so on. I think I’m making good progress (see above picture) although I suspect the stock pile won’t last long! 
  2. Decorate the room for Ellie and the baby (they’re sharing) – done with a little help from some friends. Whoop whoop!
  3. Get ready for the birth – not even started but hey there is plenty of time for this right?! Includes: Read up on hypnobirthing (fascinated to know more!) / Talk to Richard about it and write birth plan / Buy a birthing ball (and blow it up) / Get hospital bag ready (do not forget arnica and toilet wipes)
  4. Spring clean the house – all of it. Absolutely no inclination to do this so far but I am almost sure my nesting instinct will kick in.
  5. Sort Christmas presents and any birthdays that are before the end of January. Making progress but lots more to do
  6. Think of a name for our baby boy – really starting to freak out because we just can’t think of one we are both sure about. Our current reference to Chew Bacca simply won’t do.
  7. Work out how the pushchair/car seat work – have absolutely no recollection of how this works and am utterly clueluess. I’m sure it will all come back to me and there’s enough time. Deadline of end November (just in case of an early arrival).
  8. Make bunting I decided to make ages ago for above the babies cot – insignificant progress. I doooo really want to do this….must find time!

    So there you have it. Now come on…what have I missed? All advice welcome!

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