A picture of pregnancy

http://lakesiderestaurantcumberland.com/2017/04/picking-a-partner -with-adult-hookup-sites-3/ I couldn’t resist sharing the photo below which was the result of asking my husband to take a picture of me the other day. It’s clear which part of me wasn’t priority!

http://whiteearthdesign.co.uk/web_design/website-design/?add-to-cart=3632 I should add that I don’t often ask him to take pictures of me, but I needed it for the blog. As it turns out maybe I should ask him more often, if nothing else but because it made me giggle…

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On the plus side it’s a great picture to remember what my pregnancy bump was like at 27 weeks. As it turns out this week it’s looking quite big according to the man in the library who asked if I was eating books … the numerous people at school who look shocked when I explain I’m not due until January … and the lady who wanted my car parking space in Sainsbury’s today. Ah well – I do love my bump.

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