I wish I had more…

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had more than a few moments where I have heard myself say (either in my head or periodically to anyone who is listening) ‘I wish I had more….’. I almost think it’s becoming my catch phrase. Here’s four of my most frequently used ones. I warn you now this does not reflect particularly well on my parenting skills but if nothing else at least I recognise it and that’s surely the first step?!

I wish I had more http://axomaxs.com/?page_id=89 patience – most notably when Ellie is refusing to take any advice from me because what could I possibly know! I usually of course shout before having this thought.

I wish I had more go here energy – springs to mind as I sneak upstairs and have a nap while Richard sorts the children out ….. again (can I blame pregnancy?!). I always of course feel really guilty after my nap.

I wish I had more http://receptizavos.com/zaboravite-na-svakodnevno-pranje-zaboravljena-namirnica-iz-vase-kuhinje-resava-problem-masne-kose-zauvek/ ideas – of what to cook for dinner or how to make dinner less of a battle. The former I note won’t necessarily help the latter.

I wish I had more confidence – that im not going to flail when this baby arrives, yes I’ve done it before but it was almost eight years ago and I was never a natural with the baby stage.

I’m pretty confident I’m not the only parent who has these kinds of thoughts sometimes and I reckon it’s all pretty normal – albeit I wish I was that supermum! Plus, there are of course things to counter balance all of this a little – those potentially less frequent occasions, but nonetheless occasions where I am patient, occasional weeks where I plan and cook each family members favourite meal and of course those moments where I am with our whole family and feel overwhelmingly happy or I look at my little girl, feel utterly proud and realise I can’t have done a bad job so far …


(Apologies for two photo’s but Ellie and I couldn’t agree – I like the first and Ellie wanted to post the second so we posted both!)

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