The mind of a 7 year old

One of the things I love the most about being Ellie’s mum are the insights I get into how her mind works. It often makes me smile, usually makes me laugh and sometimes makes me burst with pride. There’s been a few notable moments recently and I couldn’t resist sharing…

where to buy Pregabalin online Being good at stuff – a conversation discussing Ellie’s recent art homework
Ellie: Mine won’t be very good.
Me: As long as you try it doesn’t matter. Mummy can’t draw for toffee either.
Ellie: What do you mean?
Me: It’s just a saying but the point is, no one is good at everything.
Ellie: I’m good at most things.
Well she’s confident. Teacher’s Pet – a conversation early in this term
Me: So Ellie does your new teacher know your name yet.
Ellie: not yet.
Me: Have you been asked to do any jobs yet? (something Ellie is frighteningly fond of doing!!!)
Ellie: No, I’m not teachers pet yet.
Me: Er that’s not what I meant! How to cuddle
The following instructions were handed to me last week. Upon inquiring whether this meant my cuddling wasn’t up to scratch I was told that it was fine – but she wanted to write it down. Er ok then.

Ellie's cuddle instructions crop

I want to – a chat in the car
Ellie: What does that button do? [pointing at the dashboard]
Me: It’s to defrost the front windscreen. Don’t press it.
Ellie: What happens if I press it
Me: I’ll tell you off and then turn it off.
[Pause during which Ellie stares longingly at the button]
Me: You still want to press it don’t you?
Ellie: Yes.

and finally one of my favourites of late – a picture that Ellie made me. I should add that this is now on the fridge so that when i have my ‘I’m an awful mum’ moments, which are fairly frequent, I can see it.

pic for mummy crop

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3 thoughts on “The mind of a 7 year old

  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    She sounds like a real character 🙂 I loved this age – it is so full of new and exciting things for them and they are just starting to really click with things. So funny too! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  2. Lex

    Such a fabulous post. I do love the wonderful mind of children. I particularly love the cuddle intrusions. Some people just don’t do it right and Ellie has nailed instructions! Love it, #pocolo


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