#randomthoughts 2 July 2016

http://kidtreehouse.org/programs/action~agenda/cat_ids~20,12,11,10,7,16,17/request_format~html/ Back in 2013 I published a series of posts entitled #randomthoughts (see here for the first ever one). It was my way of sharing my thoughts on the blog which which I felt were worth sharing but didn’t justify a whole post to themselves.

purchase Neurontin online I had intended to produce a random thoughts post every week but life got in the way and after a few weeks I wasn’t able to keep it going. This week though I happened to re-read one of those original posts and realised that despite only being short snippets they actually gave quite an insight into my life at the time. So – as you might have now guessed, I have decided it is time to resurrect #randomthoughts and whilst I am not promising weekly, I do plan to share more #randomthoughts posts in the future.

http://ipjornal.com/tag/canis-e-gatis-municipais Here then are my latest #randomthoughts…


1. School mornings are like herding cats. Just 3 of them, including one that can’t move on his own, but it really does feel like more.

2. I love bananas. Filling, healthy, zero preparation and most importantly – can be stuffed down quickly when lunch seems impossible.

3. Just occasionally I want my life back – the one where I could lay in, drink a hot cup of tea and eat at a pace that didn’t give me indigestion.

4. Six week summer holidays = six weeks with none of our usual stuff to do and three children at home. Detailed planning is already well underway.

5. I squealed in Aldi this week. Literally – couldn’t help myself when I discovered the Mamia Organic baby food pouches!

As always, I hope you enjoy reading this post and I also hope it gives a fair glimpse into our family life at the moment. So – how about you – what are your random thoughts at the moment? Please do share by leaving a comment!

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9 thoughts on “#randomthoughts 2 July 2016

  1. Debbie

    Hi Sharon, it sounds to me that you are the Mum of a young family… Your random thoughts are a dead giveaway.

    My random thoughts can vary from ‘I wonder how long that empty water bottle is going to remain on the floor?’ to ‘am I sane’… We’ve recently acquired a fifth dog… And I am sure there will be plenty f other random thoughts along the same lines in the coming weeks!


  2. Morgan Prince

    Haha, love this! Like you said it’s a nice insight into the people behind the blog. I don’t actually know what my random thoughts would be, or even are, I pay much attention to them!
    Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

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