#randomthoughts 12 August 2016

here This week’s #randomthoughts… (if you haven’t heard of #randomthoughts before then have a quick look here.)

click 1. I thought I was a morning person but at 6am when Finn usually wakes I’m definitely NOT. (By 7am I’m a lot less grumpy and have reminded myself that we are incredibly lucky with Finn sleeping so well!)

http://westwicklowfestival.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1528573900.3866710662841796875000 2. I thought the summer holidays would fly. They are.

3. I don’t enjoy cleaning the house but I do like admiring it afterwards. Well at least for the 60 seconds it lasts before it gets messed up.

4. Swimming is brilliant – everyone in the family enjoys it from Finn at just over 6 months to Richard at a little over 40.

5. Despite loving swimming though I can’t stand the paddling pool – it takes forever to set up, is freezing cold, entertains for a tiny amount of time and is a nuisance to pack away.

6. I’m not good at making picnics – my picnics are boring. (Any ideas are welcome – please comment below!)


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2 thoughts on “#randomthoughts 12 August 2016

    1. Sharon Saunders Post author

      I think sometimes we all worry way too much about giving our kids the best summer and actually they are happy just relaxing a bit – playing with their toys, being in the garden and so on. I’m sure your Son is loving his holidays.
      thanks for reading. xx


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