Monthly Archives: February 2017

Finn’s Corner Mummy normally writes these post things but today I’m taking over so I can tell you all about my corner – although obviously she’s helping me a bit.

can you buy accutane in thailand Here then is my favourite place in the house, although I doooo love the bath, I spend more time in my corner. Ah yes – I should say that it’s officially called my corner nowadays. I’ve claimed it.


Despite being my corner some family members do seem to forget sometimes, so every so often I have a Finn V Mummy race to get to the wires that have been left in. I like to chew them but Mummy is very clear that she doesn’t like me doing that. Mummy normally wins but sometimes it’s a draw.

Mostly though the corner just has some cushions or a cuddly duvet in it – these make it all the better and I love throwing myself onto them. Again and again.

Here I am in my corner. Mummy was using her funny voice to ask me what I was doing. (Excuse the crazy hair – Mummy has no idea what to do with it.)

Sometimes I play all on my own when I’m in my corner but the best times are when I play with one of the family. Mummy does yell a lot though about me banging my head. I think she worries a little too much – I’ve only banged it a few times and I only got a big lump and bruise once! It is apparently ok to play peek a boo though, so we do that quite a lot.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to tell you really so I guess I’ll just wave bye bye for now. Maybe I’ll do one of these post things again though – depends what you think of it.