Five Rules of giving parenting ‘advice’

This is something I feel strongly about and on that basis there are two things i need to be upfront with. First, i have used shouty capitals a bit – sorry. Second, this is my shortest ever post, done specifically that way on the basis that ‘less is more’ – more likely to get read by more people.

So here goes….the five rules of giving parenting advice.

source url Rule 1 – NEVER think you have the answer. There isn’t AN answer! Rule 2 – If you don’t have kids – be quiet. Harsh, but true. Rule 3 – ALWAYS caveat what you’re saying clearly with – this is from my experience, this is my view etc

Rule 4 – DO NOT JUDGE. You can have an opinion but parenting is a personal thing – a personal style and personal choices. You won’t know the other person’s child like they do, so you won’t have the full picture.

[Clearly there are some things that are right or wrong like not feeding your child or locking them under the stairs harry potter style, but obviously I’m not talking about those things.]

and finally…


Enough said. #thatisall

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5 thoughts on “Five Rules of giving parenting ‘advice’

  1. chickenruby

    that’s all well and good, but when people stop offering advice, people stop being friends and the one thinks no one actually cares or understands, I’m glad that method works for you and rule no 6, don’t dish it out if you can’t take take it.
    popping over from #PoCoLo

    1. Sharon Saunders Post author

      Hi – Thanks for reading and commenting. I guess the thing is that I ask my friends for their advice and absolutely need it. It’s the people who I don’t ask including random strangers who regularly offer it that I get frustrated with! 🙂

  2. moneyCorgi

    good advice

    This probably applies to most areas of life, not just kids.
    Just because one method of doing something worked for you doesn’t mean it’ll apply to other people all the time.


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