Springing into action

get link Yipeeeeee spring is here. This might actually be my favourite time of year – when I feel a mixture of relief that the winter months are over (they do seem to drag on after Christmas) and excitement for the summer fun that’s to come.

go site The nights are lighter, the garden is in bloom…

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But it isn’t just spring that’s sprung into action…

In the garden, the lawns are mowed, the weeding well underway and the veg patch prepared for the new season. Indoors we’ve been organising and celebrating Ellie’s 9th birthday (yes I said 9!!!!), planning our Easter holiday and trying to squeeze in some spring cleaning (limited success but still).

The children are in on the act too – Nate has found a new passion for playing the keyboard and started lessons which he LOVES, Ellie has announced that she has ‘more energy’ now spring is here so is in her words ‘running and jumping more’. As for Finn – it’s fair to say he’s an outdoorsy kind of kid!

I can’t promise that I’m not grumpy at all of course, but it’s amazing what the sunshine does. Happy Spring and Happy Easter everyone.

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