How long?!

buy modafinil mexico So my last blog post was a mont,h yes A MONTH, ago – apart from the fact that is totally rubbish of me, it’s shocking because it feels like it was only a week ago. Time is whizzing by so fast and here, in a quick list of life chez honesty and humour over the last few weeks, is why…

source url The garden has had some attention – I’ve planted up the veg patches, done more weeding and cleared out the greenhouse. Sadly I’ve discovered that doing anything in the garden is pointless with a toddler. Finn will trample on it, dig it up or throw sand from his sandpit on it. I suspect our vegetables may be a little more miss than hit this year. Ah well – there’s always next year.

buy Deltasone and Deltasone We had a wonderful Easter break including a week in Cornwall which I can hands down say was one of our best family holiday weeks ever. We spent quality time with our family who live there, had super weather, great days out and a lovely place to stay (totally recommend it, click here to check it out). Sunny Cornwall…

I have to add that having totally dreaded the journey with Finn, he did incredibly well and it was so much better than expected (thank you teletubbies and farmyard songs on CD!). Our August break has a lot to live up to.

Ellie’s asthma has flared up with her cough rearing it’s ugly head again – obviously mostly at night…cue lack of sleep all round.

Very excitingly I won some tickets to the circus which according to the husband is a bit of a ‘bus man’s holiday’ but whilst life at home is a bit of a circus sometimes we definitely don’t do the tricks and stunts they do! Super fun.

Our new guinea pigs (Ellie got them for her 9th birthday are incredibly cute but ill which translates to way more work than I expected.

Finally, I ran my first ever half marathon last weekend – very chuffed and a little bit proud of my medal! I’ve found running really therapeutic since I had Finn…a little investment in me. It’s not always easy squeezing the training in and I probably should have done more but I did it.

So there you have it – four crazy busy weeks in one blog post! Anyone else feel like time is speeding up?!

I’ll try not to leave it so long before I post again.

See you all soon.

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