It’s a toddler’s life and toddler’s rules…

click here AT 17 months old Finn has now established some very clear rules for life, which I figured it best to share with other toddlers in case they find them useful….please do pass on 🙂 Rule #1
No is just a word mummy says to make me show my cute face. The only exception is when the word is repeated several times until eventually bellowed out and steam is literally coming out of mummy’s ears – in those situations, it is best to cry.

buy Pregabalin uk Rule #2
Daytime naps are for wimps – although occasionally you should change it up a bit and have a really long nap. It will drive your mummy mad and ensure that she spends more time thinking about that than other things best left alone, such as how to hide vegetables in your food.

Rule #3 Food is tooooo boring to waste time on so as soon as you have had enough to dull your appetite you should demonstrate behaviour that will encourage mummy to get you out of the high chair quicker. Dropping food on the floor, flicking it across the table, blowing raspberries (ideally with food) or best of all – yelling loudly and banging the table. All of these behaviours will have the desired affect.

gia thuoc adalat 30mg Rule #4 Running is better than walking, there are no exceptions. (Please note that I haven’t yet successfully checked out jumping so this may need to be updated in due course.)

Rule #5 Toys are entertaining for a little while but generally there is much more fun to be had with the things your mummies and daddies don’t give you. For example – the pans that mummy cooks with are better than the ones she gives me, I can sit in them, make louder noises and throw them around to a great reaction. Mud is much better to play with than the ‘play sand’ they give you – I am confused about why they bothered with the sand.

Rule #6 Faces, hair and generally other small children are fascinating – grown ups don’t seem to understand this and object loudly when you poke, hit or pull at them. Feel free to ignore, the grown ups are just silly.

Rule #7 Looking cute is the key part of being able to get your own way. With this face, I couldn’t be doing anything wrong could I….

Please do let me know of any rules you feel may need adding……

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2 thoughts on “It’s a toddler’s life and toddler’s rules…

  1. Astrid

    These are way cool! I understand you must be driven crazy at times, but you do such a great job of seeing the humor in your child’s rules. #PoCoLo


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