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source Mum, author, blogger and most recently starting running my own business. I have a six year old daughter and nine year old step son. Quite simply, I blog about all things related to parenting, our family, being a working mum and life generally. I'm also author of 'The things they never tell you about becoming mum'.

Finn’s Corner Mummy normally writes these post things but today I’m taking over so I can tell you all about my corner – although obviously she’s helping me a bit.

see Here then is my favourite place in the house, although I doooo love the bath, I spend more time in my corner. Ah yes – I should say that it’s officially called my corner nowadays. I’ve claimed it.

Despite being my corner some family members do seem to forget sometimes, so every so often I have a Finn V Mummy race to get to the wires that have been left in. I like to chew them but Mummy is very clear that she doesn’t like me doing that. Mummy normally wins but sometimes it’s a draw.

Mostly though the corner just has some cushions or a cuddly duvet in it – these make it all the better and I love throwing myself onto them. Again and again.

Here I am in my corner. Mummy was using her funny voice to ask me what I was doing. (Excuse the crazy hair – Mummy has no idea what to do with it.)

Sometimes I play all on my own when I’m in my corner but the best times are when I play with one of the family. Mummy does yell a lot though about me banging my head. I think she worries a little too much – I’ve only banged it a few times and I only got a big lump and bruise once! It is apparently ok to play peek a boo though, so we do that quite a lot.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to tell you really so I guess I’ll just wave bye bye for now. Maybe I’ll do one of these post things again though – depends what you think of it.


A year gone

So last weekend our little boy turned one. Obviously he didn’t really know what was going on, but I certainly did. It’s a whole year – yes a WHOLE year gone!

It’s been really different for me with Finn compared to when I had my daughter – I’ve enjoyed this first year more and yes it’s flown much quicker. I’ve been trying to think why it’s been so different and well there are lots of obvious differences – Finn is a boy, not a girl, Finn hasn’t had colic for months like Ellie did and I’m definitely a little older. I think though there are just two things which have really made the difference…

First – although with an 8 year gap I remembered nothing about having a baby, the one thing I knew for certain was that it got easier and that as time goes by it keeps getting easier. First time around it didn’t matter who told me that – I simply couldn’t believe them.

Second – having a school run makes the days shorter so they really fly and living life around school terms means the year seems to disappear in front of you.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew the time was flying, but that’s ok with me. I’m excited about what is yet to come and to be frank, sometimes the speedy passage of time was reassuring and helped my sanity (some days it still does!). I haven’t wasted that precious time though. Whether it’s because I’m older, because I know the time flies or because I know I’m not doing this again, but I am thoroughly enjoying watching my little boy grow up and making a point of noticing each special moment. You know the ones where they do something for the first time, or where they do something ‘naughty’ but are hilarious, where they give you a kiss without being asked, or where they interact in a new way with their sibling.

So my conclusion on Finn’s first year – it’s been a hard work but magical year for me, for Finn and for our whole family. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 12 months.

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#RandomThoughts 8 January 2017

1. Once again it seems to have been ages since I’ve blogged – but this time I’m resisting the guilt I usually feel (I’m not doing that in 2017!) and I’m not going to apologise. Life is busy and I’m pretty sure that most people will understand. #ThatIsLife

2. The bugs have been mental this winter – I literally know one person whose home hasn’t been affected in some way with some cold, cough or tummy bug. Roll on spring.

3. Normally I think the school holidays have gone too quickly but oddly enough Christmas didn’t fly too quickly and when it came time for back to school I and the children seemed ready.

4. I’m ready for spring now. That is all.

5. This week Ellie told me that I was being grumpy all the time. How rude! I mean I’m not grumpy ALL of the time and when I am it’s mostly justified.

6. and finally….predictably despite all the amazing toys that Finn got for Christmas the thing that currently keeps him entertained for longest – tupperware

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I don’t want to! A Mummy tantrum

This folks is a metaphorical tantrum because I’m not allowed to have an actual tantrum. It’s a mummy tantrum and I’m going to feel so much better when I get it out of my system….so here goes…

I don’t want to be patient at 7.30 at night. I want Ellie to go to bed without any delaying.

I don’t want Finn to eat every speck of dirt and dust of the floor so that I feel like I need to vacuum every 10 seconds.

I don’t want the kids to leave their dirty clothes on the floor. I want them to put them in the blinking washing basket – I have, after all, reminded them that is what it’s for millions of times. Yes millions.

I don’t want to hear any comments on the dinner I’ve cooked – bad or good. I just want everyone to EAT IT!

And finally, I don’t want to sew this many brownie badges on and I don’t care that it’s my fault I left them until there was a pile. I HATE SEWING.


Oooo that does feel better. So anyone else feel like sharing a bit of a tantrum?! Do leave a comment.


Farewell to October

It’s fair to say that October has been a mixed bag of a month with the overriding story for our family summed up nicely in this picture of our bathroom window sill…


Literally every member of the house has had a cough, cold or something and in particular Ellie has really struggled for over 4 weeks culminating in a chest and throat infection. Listening to my little girl coughing and straining while trying to get to sleep night after night has quite frankly been distressing and exhausting. Thankfully we do seem to be through it now and despite it all, the month has definitely not been all doom and gloom.

I’ve had time to notice and actually get the children to notice the beautiful autumn colours…


Finn continues to make us all constantly giggle and smile…


We’ve enjoyed some great family time include a trip to National Trust Croome which was a super day out…


So on reflection It hasn’t been the best October we’ve ever had but it has had some highlights. Here’s hoping that the winter bugs are done with and we can now enjoy the run up to, and excitement of, Christmas. Yes I said the C word and I don’t care! 🙂