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#randomthoughts 2 July 2016

here Back in 2013 I published a series of posts entitled #randomthoughts (see here for the first ever one). It was my way of sharing my thoughts on the blog which which I felt were worth sharing but didn’t justify a whole post to themselves. I had intended to produce a random thoughts post every week but life got in the way and after a few weeks I wasn’t able to keep it going. This week though I happened to re-read one of those original posts and realised that despite only being short snippets they actually gave quite an insight into my life at the time. So – as you might have now guessed, I have decided it is time to resurrect #randomthoughts and whilst I am not promising weekly, I do plan to share more #randomthoughts posts in the future.

click Here then are my latest #randomthoughts…


1. School mornings are like herding cats. Just 3 of them, including one that can’t move on his own, but it really does feel like more.

2. I love bananas. Filling, healthy, zero preparation and most importantly – can be stuffed down quickly when lunch seems impossible.

3. Just occasionally I want my life back – the one where I could lay in, drink a hot cup of tea and eat at a pace that didn’t give me indigestion.

4. Six week summer holidays = six weeks with none of our usual stuff to do and three children at home. Detailed planning is already well underway.

5. I squealed in Aldi this week. Literally – couldn’t help myself when I discovered the Mamia Organic baby food pouches!

As always, I hope you enjoy reading this post and I also hope it gives a fair glimpse into our family life at the moment. So – how about you – what are your random thoughts at the moment? Please do share by leaving a comment!

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Random thoughts – 1 December 2013

Just in the nick of time … here are this weeks #randomthoughts. If you haven’t seen this before it’s something I started a few weeks ago and you can read about it here.


I don’t believe in regrets but I do believe in learning from your mistakes. #liveandlearn

I know I’m stroppy when i’m tired, but even at my age knowing it doesn’t mean I can change it. #shameful

Reward charts still work for Ellie and for that I am truly thankful. #stickers

One thing I do need to do before Christmas is tidy the house and especially Ellie’s room. #puttingitoff

I am unsure who is more excited about their advent calendar – Ellie, N or me #nevertooold

Random thoughts – 24 November 2013

Welcome to this week’s #randomthoughts

It’s been a busy week and as a result I was somewhat inundated with random thoughts from which to choose for this week’s post. Once again though I’ve chosen just 5 which I think share the highlights of my week.

If you haven’t seen #randomthoughts before, then please do have a look here to find out more.

So, without further ado here are this week’s random thoughts:


When I lived near the seaside I used to go to the beach to unwind, de-stress and relax. I’ve been worrying a little that I have no equivalent nowadays, but this week as I lolled in a long, hot bath for the fifth time in seven days I realised I actually had. #ilovebaths

Things I say always sounds perfectly reasonable when I say them, but somehow they don’t when Ellie repeats them. My favourite this week: ‘they’re driving like lunatics’. #thinkbeforeIspeak

I couldn’t help but wonder aloud why one of Ellie’s flashing school shoes was no longer working. Without missing a beat Ellie quickly explained it’s because she hops a lot on that foot. #makessense

When my other half brought me a pain au chocolate for breakfast I knew the healthy eating push was a fail. #weak

It’s a shock to me that i’ve actually done almost all of my Christmas shopping now. #needsmust

So that’s it for this week’s installment – please do get in touch via a comment or tweet to let me know what you think and what you’re random thoughts are this week. I’d love to hear from you.

Random thoughts – 17 November 2013

Welcome to this weeks #randomthoughts – a round up of my week in my top five random thoughts. If you haven’t seen my random thoughts posts before, it only started a couple of weeks ago and you can read more here.


So here are this week’s #randomthoughts:

When your other half is having a full on laughing fit which seems to be a bit like an asthma attack – do you laugh or call 999 #confused

You know you’re getting old when all the teachers at school look at least half your age #depressing

It seems to me that the weekend before I start my clean 9 – nine day detox – I have to eat everything and anything I want #excuse

I love Christmas shopping until I’m in an actual shop with a million other people. Somehow it’s never quite as I imagine it’s going to be #backtotheinternet

Sometimes I put off the tidying or cleaning all day and then at bedtime I get a sudden urge to tidy up and find myself frantically rushing around. I wonder why. #itsamystery

Re-reading my random thoughts this week, they really do cover the different aspects of my week and my life. So come on, I’d like to know what you think and I’d love to hear your random thoughts too.

Random thoughts – 8 November 2013

Last week I introduced #randomthoughts. For anyone who missed it, you can see it here but the general idea is that it will be literally just as it says – a collection of my random thoughts from the past week. It might be funny, it might be sentimental, it might just be something I’ve been mulling over, but should (if all goes to plan) tell you about me and my week…

Here then are my #randomthoughts this week:


Somehow because I’m a mum and I’m lucky enough to be able to work flexibly, people genuinely seem to think I don’t work. Some things simply don’t move with the times. #frustrating

So it turns out Ellie knows that drunk people stumble. #how?

As I am my mum’s little girl Ellie will always be mine. Hugging her when she comes back from her Dads always takes my breath away. #soppybuttrue

Christmas really seems awfully close and I know I should get organised but somehow I predict it will be a last minute panic #Christmas

Did you know that growing a pumpkin the right shape is harder than you think. #who knew (Couldn’t resist a photo!)

pumpkin crop

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