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A step back in time

go When I was a little girl we would go to the seaside for two weeks every year as a family. We would have day trips to local sights, spend days on the beach and generally enjoy time together. This is me back then!


http://douglasat201.org/old/wp-admin/ Last week we took our two children to spend a few days as a family in Cornwall. We’re lucky enough to have relatives who live in Cornwall, so we were not only seeing family but also having what is best described as a good old fashioned British seaside holiday.

We went on the beach every day (even when it was raining), we ate fish and chips, we built sandcastles and we relaxed as a family. In an age where we sometimes wonder how a child could possibly manage without their computer games, endless toys and of course the soft play places, it was quite simply mesmerizing to watch our children having such simple fun – as I once had.

As I sat watching them digging holes and building castles (and periodically joined in!), I couldn’t help but enjoy the smiles on their faces and be reminded of my own childhood holidays to the seaside. My memories of beach holidays with my parents and siblings are some of the happiest memories of my childhood and, as I sat there watching our children play in the sand, my silent wish was that our children might treasure with fondness the memories we made as a family this holiday.