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Random thoughts – 8 November 2013

Tastylia Oral Strip no prescription Last week I introduced #randomthoughts. For anyone who missed it, you can see it here but the general idea is that it will be literally just as it says – a collection of my random thoughts from the past week. It might be funny, it might be sentimental, it might just be something I’ve been mulling over, but should (if all goes to plan) tell you about me and my week…

buy Deltasone with american express Here then are my #randomthoughts this week:


Somehow because I’m a mum and I’m lucky enough to be able to work flexibly, people genuinely seem to think I don’t work. Some things simply don’t move with the times. #frustrating

So it turns out Ellie knows that drunk people stumble. #how?

As I am my mum’s little girl Ellie will always be mine. Hugging her when she comes back from her Dads always takes my breath away. #soppybuttrue

Christmas really seems awfully close and I know I should get organised but somehow I predict it will be a last minute panic #Christmas

Did you know that growing a pumpkin the right shape is harder than you think. #who knew (Couldn’t resist a photo!)

pumpkin crop

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