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A letter to the lady in the cafe

follow To the lady with the crying baby at the cafe,

http://rg-onlinesolutions.co.uk/best-male-enhancement-pills-yahoo.pdf: I saw you the other day when you were meeting your friends for afternoon tea at the cafe. With at least 7 new babies there it must have been your antenatal group getting back together to catch up.

buy cheap Gabapentin online I was on the table next to you and we didn’t even speak. It would have been a bit weird if I had suddenly come over! But I did really wish I could because I wanted to tell you this…..

Yours was the baby that was crying and nothing seemed to help. All the others were all quiet and restful but that wasn’t the case for you. Now I might have this totally wrong but I instantly thought ‘That was me with my little girl when she was a baby, and I completely know how you felt’. For me, it was colic you see – real colic – not just a bad day or night. I don’t know if that’s the same for you but if it is I hope this letter helps.

screaming ellie

I was lucky with my group because there were actually two of us with babies who suffered colic so I had someone who really understood. That’s the thing you see – unless it happens to you, you don’t really get it. People whose babies don’t have colic just can’t understand – although they so often think they do.

I’m not going to give all the standard practical advice because an internet search can give you that, but I just wanted to tell you that you aren’t crazy and you aren’t alone. It is awful but you will get through it and your beautiful baby will settle down. I can’t tell you when but it will one day be just a distant memory. Until then just know how amazing you are and that you are doing all the right things. Please try not to give yourself a hard time – there’s no need.

Best wishes and good luck,

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