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A happy post

It’s fair to say that far too often I’m so busy with life that I forget to just stop for a moment and enjoy it. I would hazard a guess that most of you are the same. So today I did it…I stopped for just a few minutes and thought about all the things which are making me happy in my life right now. It wasn’t difficult and it felt really good to think about it. Here’s my list:

get link My family
Number one simply has to be my family – for those who don’t know, our family came together last October, when my daughter and I moved in with my partner and his son. We’ve now been living together almost a year and it makes me happy.


purchase gabapentin 300 mg Being busy
I know it sounds crazy because I regularly moan about not having enough hours in the day, but it is a catch 22 so to speak, because I do love being busy. #fact

go to link Laughing with my little girl
Anyone who has read this blog before or even just my last post will know that like any parent, I have moments where I could (and sometimes do) scream. But nothing takes away the fact that I love my little girl and that laughing with Ellie is pure pleasure. Ellie makes me happy.


Starting a new venture – honesty and aloe
I have recently started a new venture, becoming an independent distributor of Forever Living Products. Forever Living is the largest producer and supplier of Aloe Vera and bee products in the world. The range includes health drinks, skin care, cosmetics and weight loss products. They are a member of the Direct Selling Association and have a vast network of individual distributors through which the products are shared with the world.

Quite simply I love the products and after using them myself for well over 12 months I’ve now become a distributor. I’m so excited about my new venture and it makes me happy.

I should add that Forever offers anyone willing to put the work in the opportunity to create their own business and develop their own income. If that sounds interesting to you there’s more information here.

A freezer full of home grown stuff
We moved into our new house in January and I decided that whilst I didn’t have time to sort everything I’d have liked to in the garden, I’d at least have a go at growing some vegetables. Whilst not everything succeeded, my little vegetable patch has been quite successful and what makes me happy this week is the freezer full of things from the garden. Happy because I grew them and happy because I haven’t wasted any.

resize 3

A cup of tea
Despite the fact that I’m in danger of sounding a little well…older than my age, I can’t help but include here the humble cup of tea. I really do feel happy when I have a cup of tea in my hand!

So there it is, some of the things that are making me happy right now. You’ll note that this post started with ‘all the things that make me happy’ and has changed to ‘some of the things’ – that’s because once you start thinking about what makes you happy, you realise just how much there is.

So come on, take a minute and have a think…what’s makes you happy right now.

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