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Just for mummy

http://moneyrebound.com/4-lesser-known-property-investment-opportunities/ There is one thing that’s so special that my little girl saves it just for me…a gift just for mummy. It’s not those special kisses which I love, that bedtime hug which I treasure so much or the pictures she makes for me to keep.


go to site This special gift is something quite different and the only way for me to explain is to describe it…

Last Friday, I was the last one of the family home. When I opened the front door I found three happy, smiling faces. What a lovely welcome…and then….Ellie’s special gift, the thing that’s just for me, appeared. Literally within 15 minutes of me being home the calm, happy little girl had gone and was replaced by grumpy Ellie – moaning, talking back, whinging and crying were all thrown in for good measure.

On Sunday, I collected Ellie back from a sleepover at Grandma and Grandads to reports of her being well behaved and lovely the whole time. We literally stepped in our own front door and grumpy Ellie appeared. Instantly. I tried so hard to be upbeat and positive, to distract her and find a way to ensure we had a lovely relaxing afternoon together, but alas the afternoon was punctuated by grumps and tantrums.

On Monday, I collected her from the out of school club to reports of her being great and playing really well with everyone. We stepped in our front door and once again grumpy Ellie appeared – demanding, moaning and generally not doing what I asked.

Previously, if I’m really honest, I’d have put the odd incident like this down to her being tired because historically there was without doubt a direct link – but even I can’t claim that this time because she literally isn’t tired and its not a one off.

So can someone please tell me, why is my daughter perfectly behaved for everyone, literally everyone, except me. Why is it that Ellie saves her very best tantrummy and grumpy behaviour for my exclusive enjoyment.

I guess it’s the way around I’d want it – because I’d be horrified if she was behaving badly with anyone else. I also am hoping it’s just a phase – but I guess only time will tell.

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