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Planning ahead – a little competition

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buy modafinil nyc It’s a commonly known fact that I’m a bit of an organiser – I like to know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and what I’ll need. What’s slightly less known about me, is my love of stationery…but I’m not ashamed to say that spending half an hour or so pouring over the stationery in any one of several well known stationery shops is, as far as I’m concerned, time well spent.

Imagine then my excitement when I went to #Britmumslive this year and was given a beautiful note pad and pen, as well as a voucher for a free personalised planner from personal-planner.co.uk. I neatly made my copious notes during the conference in my new note book and it was in fact the first thing I showed my family when I got home after the conference. ‘Look how many notes I wrote in my fab new pad…..pause……it’s lovely isn’t it?’

I should note that Ellie, at just 5, clearly has a very good eye for these things as she quickly tried to negotiate whether she could have my new note pad. I managed to distract her with some of the other great freebies I’d picked up and kept the pad for myself – I love her very much, but the pad was just toooo lovely for scribbles!

I’ve since ordered my new personalised planner and I enjoyed every second of choosing it’s size, colour and contents – right down to choosing the format of the internal pages. It was easy to do and I’m now excitedly waiting for it’s arrival. It’s a funky looking planner that is simply perfect for me in it’s contents, size and style…it feels a like a lovely treat!

It’s with considerable excitement on my part then that I’m sharing the love so to speak and running my first ever competition on the blog for a free personalised planner courtesy of personal-planner.co.uk. I’m going to keep it simple so to enter you just need to comment on this post – telling me in one sentence why you should win the planner.

http://ninacrews.com/2015/12/ This competition has now closed and I’m pleased to announce that the winner is @victoriaborman with her entry of:

I should win the planner because…..if I carry one around, everyone will think I am organised and not notice I have my jumper on backwards and porridge in my hair.

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to Victoria.