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Let’s pretend

http://rg-onlinesolutions.co.uk/services/ I often berate myself for not spending enough time just playing with Ellie – I all too often let life get in the way. That email won’t get typed, that floor won’t get cleaned and that meal certainly won’t get cooked if I’m playing! I’m pretty sure this is something other parents can relate to, isn’t it?

can i buy Lyrica online in uk What I find even more interesting is that when I do play with Ellie it tends to be doing jigsaws, arts and crafts, writing and very ‘practical’ things. It’s that moment when I hear ‘oh mummy, let’s pretend to be…’ that I can honestly say makes me wonder what jobs I should be finding to do. I’m aware this is a terrible confession, but it’s true.

http://moneyrebound.com/comment-subscriptions?srp=1209 So the other day when Ellie asked me to ‘pretend to be vets’, I decided this was something I could definitely do and that I really should give it a go. She also followed her invite with ‘you don’t have to do anything really’ in order to encourage me to get involved – proof if ever that I don’t always find enough time to just play and a definite challenge!

We ended up with phones to call each other and some very funny conversations, six animal customers with multitudes of problems and a whole lot of laughter and fun. We probably played the game for 20 minutes or so at most but it was a this was a successful play time together and I am officially chuffed. I even managed to take some photos!

vets 1

vets 2

So whilst I might not be great at playing let’s pretend games, and I might choose colouring over them in a heartbeat, this post is proof that I can do it and that when I do, it’s actually rather fun.

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