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There’s just not enough of it!

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So I haven’t posted for a while,
and that makes me kind of sad.
But it’s the reason why I haven’t posted,
that truly makes me mad.

follow link It’s nothing new or unusual,
so let me get that in first.
But hold on just one second,
that kind of makes it worse.

http://torrensvilledental.com.au/contact-us/ The problem of course is quite simple,
of time there is simply not enough.
No sooner does a day begin,
but it disappears in a puff.

It doesn’t even seem to matter,
what I’m spending that time on.
It flies away so quickly,
that the day has simply gone.

I’m not a greedy person,
but I really would like some more time.
And I wouldn’t fritter it away,
because I’ve a load of to do’s in line.

There’s not enough time for cooking and chores,
nor as you know for writing blogs.
But most of all there isn’t enough time,
for family fun, laughter and hugs.

It batters you with both hands,
because the problem with time is two-fold.
On the one hand you can’t get everything done,
on the other you watch yourself getting old.

The funny thing about it is,
That Ellie has noticed it too.
So now we both comment,
On how our weekend flew.

But as I end this poem,
I simply have to say.
That sometimes I sneak a win,
And Ellie and I steal a day…….


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